As a young and dynamic company, we are operating effectively in the following areas

Medical supplies

Hoang Yen meditech imports coronary intervention supplies, artificial blood vessels used in dialysis


Hoang Yen International Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, specializing in importing and distributing pharmaceutical products

Functional foods

The line of functional foods especially support food for patients is imported from partners

Medical equipment

Importing and distributing the most advanced and modern medical equipment lines in the world to serve the needs of medical examination and treatment


High-quality products

Produced on modern lines according to ISO quality management system standards by leading prestigious medical corporations in the world

Safe and effective

The product is recognized by the world health organizations with full FDA, CE, ... certificates, trusted by hospitals and doctors.

Health care

Along with the criteria "Care today, health tomorrow" we always bring the best health care values to each disease

Environmental Protection

Select partners with the most advanced modern production technology to comply with health standards and prevent discharge into the environment.